Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ireland is famous for many things. Two of these we experienced a lot of: 1. American tourists and 2. Guinness. Although the former made their unique impact during out trip, this post will be about the famous beer and the food we had in Ireland.

We spent one afternoon going to the famous Guinness storehouse. The brewery's visitor attraction is on the site where the original fermentation plant was constructed in 1902. It is one of the top attractions to visit in Dublin and we can recommend it. In the attraction center you learn all about the history of Guinness, making beer, how to pour the perfect pint and see the 9000 year lease of the brewery site. At the top of the 7 story building you get to enjoy a pint while looking out over the city of Dublin.

Carina after a quater pint sampled in the storehouse.

The perfect pint.

Drinking Guinness and enjoying the view.

During our trip we ate in a number of nice pubs and restaurants. Below are a few pictures of some of the places and dishes (some accompanied by Guinness).

The Central Station pub. Note the famous Danish beer advertisement in the background.  

A delivery in preparation for the weekend.

Proper pies for lunch.

Chowder during our trip on the "Ring of Kerry" with a lovely view.

The Danny Mann pub in Killarney.

A Murphy's beer. A stout produced by the Murphy's brewery, now owned by Heineken 

Writing a postcard after dinner. 

After a week of gluttony we had our last supper in the hotel room. It was fish and chips. 

In general the food in Ireland was very good and it is interesting that Guinness was such a good accompanying drink to many of the meals we had. We recommend a visit to Ireland for anyone that loves a good stout.


p.s. below is a picture of one of the breakfasts that I had in Edinburgh. It is a nice balanced Scottish breakfast including haggis, beans and blood pudding.

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