Monday, June 27, 2011

Plans for Summer: Going to the Southern Hemisphere.

During summer in Sweden, we have the feeling that the world is depopulated. This effect is due to everyone going to some secluded summer cabin or island, or just leaving the country for a holiday abroad. We decided to join and will be going to South Africa for two weeks. This however meant that the last few weeks we were quite busy preparing to our trip, finishing off a lot of work and planning things after our return. The amount of work is also slightly more since Carina went to Denmark for a week, I am going to a conference in August and we are moving in September. We are therefore looking forward to a bit of a break and will post again once we are back in the North.


Quick trip to Denmark.

I went to Denmark for a workshop last week. Here are three photos of this beautiful harbor city. We plan to go again and wil spend more time exploring the city and experiencing Danish culture.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rennes (3 of 3): Eating in France

This is the last (and slightly delayed) post on our trip to Rennes during May 2011. It will be only about the food we had. It is well known that we like to eat and that France has good food. It is difficult to describe how we feel about eating especially where they have some talent for fresh well prepared food so we recommend the following video (in full screen) to convey some of our experiences:

For more information on the rest of out trip click here or here.


p.s. many thanks to Francois and his parents for hosting us with an excellent barbecue.

p.p.s. thanks again to Weronica, Xia and Zheya for the photos.