Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rennes (2 of 3): St. Malo and Rennes.

After our visit to Mont St. Michel we went to St. Malo. Here we spent the afternoon walking on the fortification wall of the city, enjoying the seaside view. We also had some ice-cream at Sanchez's ice-cream parlor (more about this in the next blog). St. Malo is about an hours drive from Rennes. Below are some photos of the afternoon.

 Fortified wall.

View of the sea (note the old sailing ship in the bay).

Zheya on the wall.

Francois and Maria.

Apartments where you could keep an eye on the English-channel.

The conference we attended was in Rennes. This is a lovely city and also the capital of Brittany. Some of the buildings date back to the 15th century and we spent a lot of time wandering between the wooden/concrete/modern buildings, all flowing into each other. Many of the shops sell stuff to eat and the whole next blog will be dedicated to the reason why we love France…food :) Below are some pictures of Rennes.

View from the street.

Beautiful old church. 

Old fortified city gates with drawbridge.  

Both St. Malo and Rennes are well worth a visit.


p.s. Again many thanks to Weronica, Xia and Zheya for the photos, Francois and Maria for hosting us, as well as everyone else for providing a very entertaining time (see also our adventures at Mont St. Michel).

p.p.s. leave a comment if you can't wait to see food :)


  1. wow dit lyk awesome!!! ek gaam moet kom visit vir n vakansie.... (By the way dis hoe die self nooi proses begin :D )

  2. Hi Renier. Ek het sover indie verlede gese dat enige iemand welkom is om te kom kuier en hoef net hul eie vliegtuig kaartjies te koop. Ek trek dit nou trug. Enige iemand wat wil kom kuier moet nou ook een botteltjie Mrs Balls saambring :) en dan is jy (of enige iemand ander) meer as welkom om te kom en te bly by ons. As jy egter ook St. Malo en Mont St. Michel wil sien beveel ek aan dat jy jou vlugte so reel dat jy in Frankryk oorstop vir 'n paar dae. Maar daar is heelwat in Swede wat ek dink jou kan besig hou vir 'n hele vakansie.

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I might try to get there one day myself thanks to your photos. Great posts.