Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rennes (1 of 3): Mont St. Michel.

Part of the Computational Biology Group went to Rennes for a  conference  and stayed for the weekend. The group included Marcin, Mats, Weronica, Xia, Zheya and me. After the conference Carina and Olga (Mats' wife) also came over for the weekend. In addition we joined up with a previous colleague, Francois (and his partner Maria). He grew up in Rennes and was therefore was coerced into being the guide for the whole weekend. In total we were 10 people (see video below).

This blog is about our trip to Mont St. Michel and the video below is mostly pictures of the tidal city. The trip started on Saturday morning in two cars and took about 1 hour from Rennes to Mont St. Michel.

Mont St. Michel is located 1 km off the cost. It has been a strategic fortification point since ancient times and became the seat of the St. Michel monastery during the 8th century AD. The whole place is breathtaking. From afar it stands out on the horizon and the size is only appreciated when standing at the bottom. We climbed to the top, past the citadel, to where the monastery is built. The view from here is awesome. We walked trough many stone corridors and chambers and emerged with almost everyone unscathed.

If you ever have the chance a visit is highly recommended.

The following blogs will be about out trip to St. Malo, our stay in Rennes and the magnificent food of France.


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  1. Oh !!!! Merci Merci !!! We came back from Mont Saint Michel two weeks ago and LOVED it !!! It was fun to see your video.
    We too posted pictures about it on our blog. You are more than welcome to come by and look at them.

    Interestingly enough... we are going to .... Sweden (Stockholm) for a week in two days ... !!!

    Small world...

    Take care,