Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food filled Thursdays: Birthday dinner.

For my birthday this year we went to a very nice restaurant: Frantzén/Lindeberg. The restaurant is reasonably well known but not "fancy" which makes the whole experience very nice and comfortable. They have a single set menu with the option to have the accompanying wine. I chose to skip the wine while Carina chose to test their wine selection :) I recommend this restaurant if you enjoy eating good food but not necessarily the wine pairing, especially if you are not used to consuming a couple of glasses of good wine in a single night (Carina did say the wine is extremely good but the last few courses are a bit of a blur to her). 

Below are all the coures, as described on the menu, with an accompanying photo: 

From left: Carrot, foie gras; "Vichyssoise" with summer truffle; Beef from A. Larsson & ash: 

Peas & beans, feta cheese of goats milk & mint: 

Oyster, frozen rhubarb, cream & juniper: 
This was extremely good :) An interesting fact is that rhubarb leaves are poisonous. In the following post we will have pictures of a garden filled with poisonous plants, including rhubarb.

12 day old halibut "sashimi" & duck egg & crab: 

 Bonemarrow with caviar & smoked parsley: 
 This was extremely good :)

Coal flamed veal "tartar", tallow from 11yrs old milk cow (Stina), smoked eel, bleak roe:

On site coal flaming. Final product in the picture above.  

Satio Tempestas (this is one dish that they always serve and had 40 different vegetables):
 Best vegetable dish ever :)

Bread baked over open fire. Just churned butter:

On arrival the raising bread is in a box on the table. This is actually the only "decoration" on the table. At some stage during the earlier courses they take the bread away and return with extremely nice freshly baked bread 

Similar to the bread, the butter is freshly made during the meal. At some stage after the bread in the box disappeared a canister with cream appears on the table. One of the members of staff (we had head sommelier Niklas Löfgren) comes to the table and churn the cream, making butter.

Yellow onion, goat's milk, almond & liqourice: 
 Very nice:)

Divers scallop. Truffel puré & bouillons: 

After the scallop is consumed from the shell, it is filled with the bouillon  

and drank. 

Whole turbot baked for 4hrs. White asparagus baked for 3hrs with pine, lemongrass & mint:

Frozen lemon verbena:

4-week old spring chicken from Bretange: 

Goatsmilk ice cream with grass puré. Malt, olive oil & hay ash:

A slightly intoxicated Carina:

Beer, yeast &yolk from the first egg the hen warps:
Extremely nice :)

Buttermilk & roses. Hibiscus, flowers & Jasmin tea: 

Coffee :)


Every single course was delicious. Although we, at other occasions, had a single course as good as these, at no other restaurant were all the courses consistently as good as every single bite at Frantzén/Lindeberg. It was definately one of the best experiences this year.


p.s. Carina will soon make a post on a bit of our recent holiday where Guinness were often consumed.