Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christoff in Sweden

At the end of August we had visit from a South African friend, Christoff (seen below).

This is the second time we hosted people from the south (the first being my parents in September 2010). It was very nice and to have him here and since he worked in both groups where Carina and I worked he had some nice gossip to share :)

We had less time to spend with him than with my parents but managed to do many of the same things we did with them. Below are a few pictures of the time we spent with him.

The first few days were very rainy.

Dala Horse at Skansen. 

We cycled quite a lot. The photo below is of Christoff with the "easyrider" we borrowed for the week (we clocked 30 km for this day).

On the way to the lake we often stopped to look at the river. One of us three tried and failed to walk on water :) 

At the Viking museum at Gamla Uppsala

Both Christoff and I wore the chain mail. For some reason Carina declined...

View of city hall in Stockholm

This was a very nice holiday and we enjoyed Christoff's company. We hope to see him (and other visitors from the south) here again.


p.s we also recently celebrated our 3 year in Sweden and Carina will write more about this later...

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