Friday, January 21, 2011

Wookie no more.

For no particular reason (except maybe this slight inconvenience of pulling the matted knots of hair when combing), Carina and I had a bit of a go at my hair. Below are the "before and after" pictures and the piece of hair that has been growing for almost 2 years:

Since the removal, I have discovered that you lose quite a bit of heat through your head. Luckily this premature shearing can be countered by the nice warm hats we got in one of the packages from home (click here to see the package).



  1. :)I like your Long hair:) but in short hair, you become once again Phd student of Jaco,looking same Ronnie who left South Africa. Best wishes of new year!

  2. no sib..nooooooooo... bring back the wookie ;)

  3. Hi there!
    I am a norwegian who suddenly came over your blog :) seems like you are enjoying Sweden! Nice to see! I have a question for you... my husband got a job offer in Johannesburg, and we would love to have an exciting new experience. However, I get really scared when I read about the crime in Johannesburg... Since you are living in sweden, I wanted to get your opinion, since you are familiar with what we are used to... (we are currently living in Kuala Lumpur and enjoying Malaysia) Would you be scared to bring two kids to live in South Africa? How is daily life there, can you reduce the risks by not going out after dark and living in a safe gated community? I would be thrilled to hear from you, since you are from South Africa! Wish you all the best in Sweden :-)

  4. @Kristen.
    Crime and safety are difficult topics to shortly talk about when comparing South Africa and Sweden. We will answer some of the questions you have in the next post.

  5. thank you! That would be great!