Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice hotel vacation 2011 (Part 2 of 3): Met eish...

During our vacation at the Ice Hotel we slept the first night in the cold accommodation (-5° Celsius). The whole hotel is a work of art. Here is a video of this experience:

Staying in the cold accommodation:
We had a lot of questions about the cold accommodation and here are some interesting bits. To answer the most common question: No, the toilet is not made from ice. The bathrooms, sauna facilities and dressing rooms are located in a adjacent building (approximately 20 m from the cold accommodation), which is well heated. You also leave all your luggage in a big locker there. The reception in this facility is open 24 hours to assist with any problems that may occur. Here you can also obtain warm outer clothing that we kept during the whole 3 days and are very, very useful on the trips/adventures (see next post). These clothes include a warm outer overall, very nice and warm boots, thick mittens and a balaclava. The sleeping bag (or double sleeping bag, such as in our case) is also provided here. This dressing/bath/sauna building also has a cozy lounge with an open fire, coffee, internet access etc. where you can spend your time (mostly to warm yourself) before facing the cold night. After collecting your sleeping bag you run to the cold accommodation (where -5° inside is much warmer than -30° outside) in a single layer of clothes and hat/balaclava. A single layer of clothes is required for the sleeping bag to work optimally. Sleeping in a double sleeping bag is tricky in the beginning but the extra heat is definitely an advantage later. After a while the temperature in the sleeping bag is very comfortable. In the morning you are served warm lingonberry juice in bed.

Staying in the warm accommodation:
After our night in the cold accommodation we moved to the warm accommodation. This was very cozy and we had a beautiful view (see pictures below). The warm accommodation is located less than 100 m from the cold accommodation and the main reception. The main restaurant (see previous post) is just across the road from the Ice Hotel.

When visiting the Ice Hotel, a stay in the cold accommodation is a must BUT to really enjoy Jukkasjärvi and the surroundings we recommend an additional night or two in the warm accommodation ;)

You can find more information about the Ice Hotel on their main page:

or in this article:

Keep you eyes open for the last post of our ice vacation where we will feature the activities we partook in...


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