Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pakkie van Suid Afrika.

There is nothing to instill a sense of patriotism like moving abroad. This means that anything related to your home country is appreciated more than before leaving. We were therefore very excited this week when we received a parcel from South Africa. We were expecting it and knew it contained hand made scarfs and hats from my mother. However, once we got the package with hundreds of South African stamps we could not wait to get home and open it.

Wearing this specific brand of winter gear often requires an explanation of where we got it and many times leads to disappointment that it is not for sale. Included in the package were also biltong. This of course is a real treat for any South African, especially if he/she is now living in Sweden and even more so when you were raised on a farm in the Freestate.

Thank you very much for all the goodies.

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