Monday, June 28, 2010

Midsummer Madness

We heard that Midsummer in Sweden is as big (if not bigger) an event than Christmas. Therefore we decided to partake in the festivities. The Midsummer festival is celebrated the first Friday afternoon following the solstice (see previous post). Like proper Swedes we slept late on Friday and started our 10 km cycle journey into the countryside at 10h30. Our destination... Hammarskogs Herrgård (see our previous post on how we got there on ice skates during prior trip). On arrival there were relatively few people.

However, the whole lawn in front of the mansion (herrgård) soon filled with families on picnic blankets.

At 14:00, the Maypole, a symbol of fertility, was erected. Not surprising - there is a peak in the Swedish birthrate in March.

Traditional folk dancing around the Maypole were accompanied by singing.

(Lead singer in traditional folk dress and children with flower wreaths on their heads)

After a short nap, we snacked on the last of our picnic food and started our journey homewards.


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