Monday, June 28, 2010

3 Swedish miles

We found a hiking trail called the Upplandsleden, which is 40 Swedish miles.

Last Saturday we did 3, which left us with sore muscles, blisters on our feet, aching legs and a bit of sunburn. It may be worthwhile to mention here that a Swedish mile is 10 kilometers. Our journey was from our house to Fjällnora.

Much of the trail was through forested areas. Here we stopped to reapply mosquito repellent since the Swedish mosquito's are superior in number and stinger length.

Approximately 9 km into the hike we hiked past the Lunsen cottage. This cottage was build in the 1800's but are now used mainly as an overnight resting place for hikers. Here we also had our first lunch.

There are a number of marches and bogs throughout the trail. However the trail is very well maintained and boardwalks are found across the deeper waters.

Much much later in the day we hiked through the country side where small villages are interspersed with farms.

We stopped at a rune stone to have our second lunch.

Finally we reached the lake at Fjällnora. We pitched our tent next to the lake and had a very quick dip in the cold water.

We made supper on our gas stove and went to bed.

The next morning we awoke to a beautiful sight as the sun shone on the lake.

We set our to find a bus back home but we needed to hike another 5 km alongside the lake.

Just before we reached the bus stop, Kurd (this is his name) from Kurdistan (someone who we haven't met before), gave us a lift all the way back to Uppsala.

This was the longest hike that we did in one day and although it was hard work it was a lot of fun. We are looking forward to at least one more hike during this summer but it will have to wait until Carina comes back from France (more detail will follow her return).


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