Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kungliga Bröllop i Sverige (Royal Wedding in Sweden)

Today we sat the whole day in front of the television to watch the crown princess get married. This event has been building up steam for quite a while with media hype and all kinds of memorabelia for sale in shops. In this egalitarian country the first-born is first in line for the crown whether she is female or not. Thus even though the crown-princess Victoria has a younger brother she will inherit the crown from her father Kung Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden. We were weighing the option of going to Stockholm for the day but then decided we will see more on TV. Indeed two of the channels showed live coverage of the event the whole day long. It was really nice to see all the nobby people gathering and the wedding itself was also very nice. Victoria married her gym instructor that she met 10 years ago. Yes... maybe its a bit lame to watch a royal wedding... but we enjoyed it, and it really looked if the coupled loves each other.... very nice. Below are some pics and links to more pics and stories. Enjoy. Four hurrahs for Sweden...



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  1. O yes I forgot the YouTube link. Worth watching.