Sunday, October 4, 2009

Swedish food part II

Here are more stories of one thing in Sweden we really like to do: Eat.


This treat is so popular that they dedicated a whole day to it. Today therefore is kanelbullar (cinnamon-bun) day, and to join in the fun we also had some kanelbullar.


Since we heard we were coming to Sweden, Carina wanted to try blood-pudding. After a month of trying to convince her that there other traditional foods I gave in and we obtained some. When you buy it, it is wrapped in plastics and clearly labeled (the main ingredient of course pig blood).

The "pudding", once opened have a clay like feel and are very dark and very red. Surprisingly, it doesn´t smell like blood but more like ginger bread with a hint of coriander.

We decided to shallow fry the slices (as it is the most common recipe on the internet). As described, the dark maroon slices turned completely black when cooked.

To accompany the this meal we had some toast, eggs and cheese since it is often eaten as breakfast.

How does it taste??? It doesn´t taste like blood at all. It has the consistency of a fudge in the inside but crispy on the outside. The taste itself is much like the smell, not really meaty (or bloody), but more like dough with a hint of ginger and coriander. Carina is quite impressed with this and wants to eat it on a regular basis. I have not decided yet but its not bad at all.


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