Saturday, October 3, 2009

One month in Sweden

After one month in Sweden we´ve just experienced a taste of the coming winter as the mercury dropped 0.4 degrees below zero. This prompted us to spend a whopping 2000 kroner (= R 2200) on jackets, woolen hats, gloves, scarves, socks and of course long-johns. Stay tuned for pictures of us in action in these clothes.

Since the weather only started to change this week, we had some last, autumn adventures, some of which are:

Culture night

Once every year there is a culture night in Uppsala. This means that the whole town acquires a carnival atmosphere, with fire-eaters on the streets, musicians performing on every corner, all the museums open for free, organ and choir performances in all the churches, and a multitude of stalls selling every kind of Swedish treat.

Here are two pictures of the church where we listened to a midnight organ performance.

They even transport people with their vintage buses on culture night (can you spot the older one?).

Carina enjoying typical Swedish fast food (korv med bröd).

Weekend outing

As a farewell to summer we spent the last weekend in September walking to Uppsala´s ski slopes (still very green). Although it is not very high, it is quite steep and we may start with the training slope with the other children.

We also went to the lake, still in a liquid state.

...some of the wildlife...

...walking through the marshlands...

Daily route

Here are a few pictures of the route I walk to work. Stay tuned for the winter version.

I prefer this to traffic in Gauteng (maybe the winter will change my mind).

Falukorv UPDATE

As the Falukorv seemed to be quite popular with some of the readers we decided to post a picture of how oven baked Falukorv look. It is a pity that we cannot share the taste with you. But please let us know if you want the recipe.


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  1. Dude. Daai ovenbaked stuff lyk vir my maar half weird. Maar ek sou ook jou pad werk toe gekies het bo die verkeer. Wees maar net versigtig dat jy nie jou been weer breek as jy gly op die ys nie.