Sunday, October 11, 2009


Skansen is the world´s first open air museum, located on the island, Djurgården (dier-tuin), in Stockholm. To celebrate our one month Swedenversary, we got up early in the freezing cold and took the train to the capital. Here are a few images of Stockholm (note the clothes).

As the name of the island states, Skansen also included a zoo. With domestic and wild animals from Scandinavia.

Farm animals with buildings from a typical summer pasture farm from the olden days.

A typical Swedish sign.

A short film of the brown bear (note: 11Mb, 42 seconds).

The infamous gray wolf.

"´n Bison-dere dier".

Reindeer with a bit of the city in the background.

At about 11:30 Carina complained about handling the equipment with all the layers of clothing.

Our lunch (waffle with cream and blueberry jam).

Ronnie in the woods.

Ronnie finally reaching a milestones (the king decreed that milestones should be erected and maintained by the farmers in the area, this one dates back to 1666).

At Skansen there are about 150 historical buildings brought from various parts of Sweden. In some of these buildings we found people in time-period costume. Have a look at the museum website here.

Examples of some houses are: The soldier´s cottage, dating from the 1800 and with a turf roof. It was law that each farm had to support one soldier (lodging and food) which would then fight during war (instead of the farmer). If you owned a manor, you were expected to support at least two knights.

This is the oldest building in Skansen dating back to the 1300´s. It is a common farm dwelling.

It was nice to stroll back to the train station during twilight in Stockholm (the picture is of Strand-vägen, one of the most expensive places to live in Sweden).


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