Sunday, February 1, 2015

Book binding

With all the projects that I have in mind and all the things that I need to remember to do I needed a notebook. I thought I will try my hand at binding a book and here is the result:
Denim bound book

Notes for next project

Clean pages

I am reasonably pleased with the outcome although I had to make some serious adjustments halfway through the process (see later). Below are the steps I followed to produce a denim bound book.
Main materials of a book
Folding each page
Clamping pages and adding glue - a thin cloth is also added

The casing of this book is made by cardboard. I used two pieces glued together at an angle (around 10 degree offset). This  is to provide a bit more strength as this cardboard bend much easier in one dimension - now not possible anymore.
Gluing cardboard pieces
Getting sizes for the casing

All the elements for the book
Casing done
Book without pages
Gluing the pages in

At this stage I found a mistake. After the pages was glued to the inside and the front and back pages were glued to the case the spine was a bit too wide. I thought this was how it was supposed to be but apparently it is not. I thus removed the text block (all the pages glued togehter) and added more pages - in effect doubling the amount of pages.
Case where text block was removed

After this things worked much better.
Second round of finishing everything
Final product - still slightly wet

I am impressed with the general feel and look of the book and will definitely do more book binding. For my next book I am going to use leather and wood and have an idea that, I think, will make it quite unique. I will post it once it is done ... or the attempt if it turns out to be a mere "experiment".



  1. Very cool. I plan on doing this following your post here. Any advice for a first time binder? What kind of glue did you use?

    1. This was my first time also. I used normal wood glue (PVA) and it seemed to have worked quite well. My main advice would be - just try it, it is often much easier than it looks.

    2. You said you had to end up doubling the amount of pages, how many full pages did it require then? Also, what kind of fabric is that mesh netting?

    3. In total I used aroud 60 A4 pages (folding them means that the book has around 120 pages). The mesh netting is just a bit of cloth netting (something that you would find on innner curtains or decorative table cloth). I suggest this video for some ideas and tips: