Friday, March 2, 2012

Nice holiday in South Africa

As soon as the Christmas holidays were over, we suddenly found ourselves with loads of work. This was in part due to the pending trip to South Africa. We needed to finish many things before we could leave and Carina needed to plan many other things for the trip (since part of her visit included work). But on the 10th of February I joined her in South Africa (after traveling through an Air France strike) and we had a very nice time with our families.

The first few days we spent with my parents and sibling and her fiance (getting married early next year). They live in an apartment in Mossel Bay with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Apartment in the background.

Beach across their apartment.

We had a number of activities during our stay in Mossel Bay...


Visiting caves (where my sibling works). 

The cave man Cois

At the Knysna Heads.

Noetsie (the place is called Noetsie, not the person).

Sandboarding.... (more about this later)

 We flew back to Johannesburg and drove to the Free state to visit Carina's family.

A great braai on the weekend.

We then went to Clarence in the eastern Free state with Carina's parents for a few days.

To eat (...and drink) some more.


Visit Golden Gate National Park 

We left the Free State and had one final braai before returning to Sverige.

We have planned quite a number of activities for the coming summer and will blog on them soon.


p.s.  I also took two Swedish colleagues to SA and tried to feed them to the lions :)


  1. nice sib :) kan nie wag tot julle weer kom kuier nie !!!!!

  2. What great photos! Thank you for sharing! I have two friends from South Africa (one still lines there and the other moved to London) so it is nice to see your visit there.

    (Strange I am unable to sign my comment with my wordpress or open ID)
    ~ Meg

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