Sunday, March 18, 2012

Downhill activities

Previously, our high-speed downhill activities were on snowy slopes in Sweden (see previous post). However, our recent visit to South Africa (see here) allowed us a different experience. Below is a video of our sandboarding adventures at the "Dragon Dune":

Although no serious injuries were sustained, a minor muscle tear, whip-lash and bruises of assorted colors were reported by participants.

Click HERE for more information on how to book your own ride on the "Dragon Dune".


ps. Ronnie's sibling, featured in the video above (the one with the Star Wars attire), has started her own blog. We will blog more thoroughly about her blog in the future but here is a link to: Skaaptjopies and Other Stories


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  2. You Sib's and Skoonsib really seemed to enjoy adrenaline rush!!! Love the music (especially Mandoza)