Friday, July 29, 2011

A visit to the homeland

We visited South Africa during July. We thought that by experiencing the extreme cold of Sweden, that winter in South Africa would be easy to handle. We, however, forgot that the houses in SA are not at all prepared to handle cold weather; and when its 5 degrees outside, the inside temperatures are around 11. Thus we had 2 very cold weeks and now we know again why winters in South Africa IS cold... its the houses.

Even though we were cold most of the time, we had a very nice time seeing our family and friends again. We visited a holiday resort "Klein Kariba" in the bushveld that is a bit more north and thus a bit warmer, we stayed with Ronnies family in Boksburg (close to Johannesburg) and stayed for a while with my family somewhere in the central parts of SA (close to nowhere in particular). The video clip below show some of the highlights of our visit with interesting animals and interesting family :)


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  1. Dit was baie lekker om julle hier te gehad het. Mis julle al reeds en kan nie wag vir volgende jaar nie. Die video sal maar dikwels gekyk word as ons julle te veel mis. Soos gewoonlik is Cindy se dans passies weer een van die hoogtepunte, maar moet se Carina het die keer die prys gewen!!!