Sunday, July 31, 2011


This weekend we tried out a new hobby/activity, geocaching ( Geocaching is a "real-world outdoor treasure hunting game". Thousands of people around the world hide "treasures" named caches, and put the coordinates on the geocaching website. The aim is then to find the cache. The cache usually is some kind of small trinket, which you can either leave there or replace with something of a higher or similar value. Also in the "treasure chest", usually a small lunch box, is a log book, where you can record your name and the date you found it. You can then also update your online profile and register your finds. Most treasures have a short description of the history or significance of the site in which it is hidden. This Saturday we located 6 caches in the Norby forest and Hågadalen, not far from our home. It was not always easy to find the caches but we enjoyed the experience a lot and will surely do it again. It gives you the opportunity to go out in nature and learn a bit more about the places.

Thanks Marcin for recommending this to us!

Below are a few pictures from the outing.


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  1. Dit klink baie lekker en iets om te doen as die weer lekker is. Hou ons op hoogte van ander skatte wat julle vind