Saturday, March 19, 2011

A new hobby

My birthday present came early this year... ants! I always wanted an antfarm, and this birthday I got one.

It came in a big box,

here are the little beasts, a nice fat queen and 14 workers,

a bit of assembly required,

halfway there, the farm packed and the arena ready to be decorated,

the arena set up with thermometer and hygrometer, water and feeding troughs. Notice the white line painted just below the lid... that is the escape proofing, a kind of teflon you paint on (ptfe),

some final touches to the arena, a home fit for a queen... hopefully,

 and RELEASE!!

and the whole Saturday evening we sat and watch them venture out hesitantly, slowly, unenthusiastically and then... they started blocking up the entrance to the test tube! Not to worry though... this, apparently, is normal behavior, it can take weeks and even months for them to leave their 'cozy' test tube to move into their lovingly prepared new home,

so hopefully within a few weeks we can report that they decided to move her majesty to the nice humid, dark antfarm and rewarded us with some nice tunnels.



  1. Ants, ants here and there,
    Tiny ants everywhere,
    Marching across counter tops,
    Searching for food and spilled water drops:D

  2. Hi
    How nice to find more foreigners in Sweden. It’s so interesting to read about how other people perceive Sweden. I’m Swedish myself and live in Sweden with my Aussie boyfriend. We collect links in our blog to other blogging expats and I’ve added your blog to the list, hope that’s ok.

    I’ll be sure to check back for more blog updates.
    Have a great day!