Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good French Food

During my visit to France I realised something, it is not just a cliche that French people know about food... they really do. Here are some examples of the bait I brought back,

 Really good cheese that we bought from a cheesemonger at the morning market and saucisson (a type of French salami)

Foie Gras, a guilty pleasure - but what a pleasure

and then... a recipe recommended by the French people that visited the market with us,
you buy this particular cheese, I think its a type of Brie...

it is specially packed in these wooden boxes or the more expensive ones in a type of ceramic, that you can put in the oven,

you make a whole in the middle and put some garlic and white wine on,

and bake in the oven till brown,

and then you dig in...

it was recommended to be eaten with potato,

really, really good   :)