Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maybe not the bestest news after all... but some new unfailable bestest news!

Everyone have been asking about how the Boerewors project turned out. Well.. I suppose I expected to much. Let the pictures tell the story...

On our way to a real boerewors braai picnic in the forest:

Armed with our new acquisition:

And this ingenious little device sold in supermarkets - a forest grill (Skogen means forest):

And all the necessary picnic 'bykosse':

Preparing the grill:

And braai-ing our wors:

... but something looks awfully wrong about this wors:


Our verdict:

To be fair to the company (Ronnie even emailed them to thank them), the sausage was very tasty, like a Russian with lots of paprika and a little chilly - really very tasty, but its just not boerewors (Dis nou maar wors ouens... :-) )

But now for the newest bestest news that will for sure not disappoint... I was walking in the local supermarket and what did I see...

Yes indeed, Mrs Balls has come to Sweden! Swedish people rejoice!

And to all South Africans...



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