Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The bestest news

I am so happy tonight, the best news in months... I was browsing through some grocery store ads we receive everyday through our door (postbox) and what did I see...

BOEREWORS!! I could not believe my eyes, boerewors, here in Sweden! Many evenings I have been craving a lekker stuk boerewors with Mrs Balls (this may sound very weird to the non-South Africans but I am sure my fellow countrymen will know what I am talking about). The best of all is that we still have a little bit of chutney left that Cindy sent us. So guess what we will be eating this coming week. I just hope it is half as good as the plaas boerewors I once have been used to. If this turns out to be a good replica we will make full use of the opportunity and buy a stockload - since this is a limited edition in celebration of the world cup. Here is the link to the website (in Swedish - you can use Google translate if you are interested in what the Swedes say about our wors).


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