Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visiting South Africa

Next week we are leaving for a two week visit to our home country. It is with mixed feelings that we return. We are of course very exited to see our families and this is the main reason for the visit. Although the weekly use of Skype, online newspapers and the occasional letter or parcel has helped us keep in touch with the people back home, it does not compare with a family gathering and the traditional South African braai. We also missed droe-wors en biltong, Mrs Balls' chutney, boerewors, fresh fruit, red meat, salt and vinegar chips, Spur and the occasional KFC.

On the other hand we will be slightly bleached relative to the rest of the population and are not looking forward to the current heat. This may make us miss our weekly skating trips on the lake of ice and our morning strolls to work through the lovely snow covered country side.

We will thus work hard this week to finish as much work as possible to go back to streets filled with lions, giraffes and elephants*.


*Note to the non South-African readers: You should not belief everything you read about South Africa.

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