Friday, December 18, 2009

Life after snow

Finally after 3 months of waiting we had a serious snowfall and temperatures that indicate the real winter is here. It started snowing 3 days ago and we had about 30cm of snow in one night. Since then the temperature stayed between -5°C and -10°C (currently -11.9°C, the lowest we have experienced yet). However, life in Uppsala goes on as usual with one exception, people seem generally happier and there is an increase in outdoor activity. Following is a series of photos taken the last 3 days of the new environment we are experiencing:

On the way to work after the first night of heavy snowfall (yes, I am still walking in):

View from my office window:

This is a very typical picture, people driving on roads that are very slippery when you walk on them (by law all cars must have snow tires on by the 1st of December in Uppsala). Slightly more disturbing are the number of people on bicycles, most of them without snow tires (and some even without helmets):

Pictures from the area surrounding our complex (all taken at approximately 12 noon, temperature outside -9°C, notice the height of the sun):

A typical Swedish home:

Children at school (outside most of the day even in chilling temperatures):

The view from our house. It is very sitting next to the window with snow outside, while we are cozy and warm (always 20°C):

We are anxious to see how cold it can get and are looking forward to going out in even lower temperatures. We leave you with this picture of ice crystals on the grass and will continue to report on the interesting weather in the North:


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