Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ice Skating...Day 1.

Today we rented ice skates and started to lean to skate (the only skates available for hire are long distance skates as most people have their own "normal" ice skates). After a slow start we got the hang of it and the following are two videos of our first try at one of Uppsala's public ice rinks:

Footage of Carina on the ice (note the long skates):

Footage of Ronnie on the ice (note that the ending doesn't count as a fall but I had a more serious incident just prior to the filming):

After we got home we walked to the small ice rink at a nearby school (see post on Necessities for the holidays), and practiced some more. It was very nice skating in the moonlight with the whole rink to ourselves:

We decided to buy our own skates tomorrow as it will be much cheaper if we continue with this activity. However, hockey or figure skates have much shorter blades and we may need adjust our day old technique.


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