Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cart for air filter

Sawdust in your lungs are, apparently, bad. I knew this and to ensure I have good air where I work I recently obtained an air filter. This machine is quite big and my space is a bit limited. Additionally, I have two rooms that I use and wanted to move the air filter between them.

The solution, a cart to carry the filter. In addition, I now have an extra work area and included some drawers where I keep most of my sanding equipment. To see the process of building the cart have a look at the video below (c.a. 14 minutes of working at increased speed). 

For the frame, I used the long fence posts. This is the same as I used for the my work bench and there are still some left. The rest is made from some metal hardware I bought, a few pieces of plywood and thin press-board that came as free packing material in an order we received. 

I am using the cart and filter a lot with a new project that I am working on now. This new project is the most complex and elaborate thing I have ever build. More on this project later...


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