Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why we need a chainsaw...

Where we live there it often seem are in the middle of a wind corridor. We often have quite strong gusts mostly in one direction. Looking at the landscape it there are not a lot of trees, buildings or other obstacles from where the wind comes.

In the beginning of June we had some serious wind and not surprising there was some damage in the area. We were lucky that only a branch form one of our trees broke but our neighbors had a whole tree blown onto a small shed. The branch from our tree fell into a bushy area breaking several shrubs. We needed to remove this and below is a video of the process. It took around an hour (the video is compressed to 5 minutes), and we had no motorized assistance. I feel that a chainsaw will be quite handy in these circumstances. There are also 3 dead trees in that we will remove at some stage and I am not sure that my ax skills are up well enough developed. We are thus considering getting a small chainsaw.

With all this wind around our house we at some stage start to measure it (as scientist we cannot help collecting). I also have several  ideas on how to harness this constant resource and will post some of the projects a bit later.


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