Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our house...

This is a short blog to show the inside of our new house in Fors, Tierp. As our previous blog outlined (see here), we had quite a busy December moving in to our new home and setting up everything. Things are getting there, slowly but surely, and the inside of our house are at least in a presentable state now :)  -- thus the three videos below. Since we are in the midst of a quite serious "downsift" of snow, I could not take the camera outside for an outside overview. But hopefully we can cover this part in the summer.

Some notes to the videos:
- Three videos; the upstairs living area, outside views from upstairs, and the downstairs basement
- Narrated in Afrikaans, sorry to the Afrikaans impaired (term stolen from my skoonsib (sister-in-law) Cindy :)
- Note pointed out by Ronnie to me, for the "extreme northern hemisphere impaired", you can actually see the sunrise and sunset from just one window in the winter at these latitudes (thus the comment on the window in the first video is correct). The sun just pops up over the tree lined horizon, make a weak attempt at a loop and pops down again, all framed in one window facing south.

Enjoy! :)

Inside, top floor living area

Outside views from living area

Downstairs basement and home to Donkie and Kwagga

(By the way: We now have quite a bit more room compared to our small apartment in Uppsala - open invitation to all family and friends in SA! Free lodging near the wonderful town, Tierp, in Sweden :)



  1. Nice sib en skoonsib!! maak solank reg vir ons kuier in April :D

  2. Ons wag net vir die skip. Dan kom ons! Dit lyk oulik! Hoop julle bly lekker!