Saturday, October 25, 2014

New T-Rex Tinysaur

A while ago I wrote a blog on building small model dinosaurs (read it here) with a time lapse video (see it here). After this post I have been in contact with Herbert Hoover, the creator of these lovely miniature models. He recently send me a prototype for a more accurate T-Rex model which I have built  (called the True-Rex). Below are images of this model and comparisons with the earlier version.

Click here to purchase some of these lovely models!

The model comes in the same packaging as all the others. It is immediately clear that new T-Rex is slightly larger than earlier model and has a lot more details.
New model on right
Old model - assembled - looking intently at un-assembled new model

The new model has a lot of changes that incorporated suggestions and comments from Steven Bellettini from "The Geek Group" where he helps create more accurate images of dinosaurs (see his comments on the old T-Rex model here).

 More detail in the slightly larger head of the new model
Direct comparisson. New model more accurate an much more detail.

The new model's spine is quite straight which means that it looks like it is in the act of moving. This makes it seem more imposing and has a sense of activity. Together this makes the old model look a bit more docile as if waiting for its food to be placed at its feet in a plastic bowl.

Once difficulty is that the new model thus need a bit more persuasion to stand upright since it has only two contacts with the floor. After a bit of adjusting I got mine to stand on its own, ready to pounce on the mammoth in my collection (I am aware that there are some serious issues with merging time periods here).

Two models almost standing on their own.
Have a look at EverythingTiny to see all the models available. Browsing on this site is highly recommended!!

I will definitely spend some time in the future to increase my collection of miniaturized skeletal remains of ancient animals.


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