Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our first house

At some stage during the last few months we decided to move to the country side. We cannot recall the exact time we decided or even all the reasons for making this decision but we had the idea of buying a house in Sweden for a long time. Finally this has happened and we will soon be responsible to maintain a whole house. Below are some pictures of the house. 

View of house from across the river Tämnarån.
Main entrance to house
Smithy build in the 1700's
Inside of Smithy with some origanal tools

Young apple and plum trees in garden

A taste of the inside - Kitchen
A jordkällare - used to keep food and at constant low temperature throughout the year (quite old) 

Jordkällare inside -huge and high enough to stand upright
The house has a ground based heat exchange system which I think is quite nice. I think we will appreciate this since we will be moving in December which is not the warmest time in Sweden.

The street name is Fors - which means "rapids". These you can find 50m upstream on the river Tämnarån where the bridge from the main road connects to our access road. 

We are located 4km south from the center of the town called Tierp. Tierp is 60km North of Uppsala and we can commute in under 40 minutes with the train (Tierp advert here). 

We will post more on our adventure at Fors and living in the countryside.


p.s. I passed the requirements to be allowed to drive in Sweden and at least we will now be able to get to our house - as soon as we obtain some vehicle. 


  1. .. He lives in a house, a very big house in the country ..

  2. Very nice! Living in the country side is great and having his own house even more so. Luckily, in Sweden houses are affordable. It's some work of course maintaining house & garden but it's so much better than living in a rental object. Hope you'll enjoy your new space and freedom! :o)

  3. Wow! Sweden is truly a beautiful country, and it will be a privilege to live there. The location is like a paradise, and the house looks so cozy, homey and comfortable. The vibe it gives out is so peaceful that it seems to give new hope, new life and new adventures. Thanks for sharing that! I hope you are settling in real well. All the best!

    Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer