Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lasius colony update (island outworld)

Since the colony moved into the nest in February, it has grown quite a bit. It is even more difficult to estimate the number of individuals but I would guess between 600 and 800. They are also currently occupying 5 chambers in the nest but will sometimes move into a 6th just for a few hours.
Front view of nest (5 chambers occupied)
Recent move to this chamber
Complete setup

In the main out-world there is a permanent search party and I decided to make an island out-world. This makes it easier to experiment with food types or give them a quick snack. It is a Ytong platform stuck on a pillar with a tube passing under it. The whole structure is placed in a ramekin filled with water and works quite well to keep the ants from escaping.
Island out-world (egg and honey water for lunch)
View from top
Closeup of yesterday's snack - fruit flies

I still have the descendants of the original fruit flies I caught last summer and this seems an adequate protein for a growing colony.
Fruit flies in medium

I expect that at this rate the colony may by next summer move into the other side of the nest, assuming they will continue at this rate after winter.


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