Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Recently, Carina took me to Ulven, where we could try our hand at glass blowing. During the process, we were guided by Stefan Erlandsson, who provided us with a lot of interesting information about the art of making glass and the processes of shaping this amazing material.

Each of us made three items. 1. A paperweight where we used metal shears to cut the glass. 2 A drinking glass and 3. a decorative bowl. The last two items was shaped with a variety of tools as well as blowing the glass into a metal mold. More shaping is performed after the shaping in the mold.
Shaping the drinking glass
Shaping the drinking glass after mold-blowing
Shaping a bowl

After the items are shaped it is slowly cooled down to room temperature. We thus returned the next day and was extremely pleased with the end products.
Self made glass products

The glassblowing workshop is located at Ulva Kvarn in an old watermill approximately 7km from the city centre. There are a number of hand craft shops, galleries and resturants at Ulva Kvarn and spending a bit of time just outside the city is very refreshing.
Old mill-house
This was an excellent experience and I highly recommend it.