Sunday, April 20, 2014

Springtime Geocaching

To celebrate the nice spring weather we went Geocaching. We cycled 8 km along the river and found a couple of cashes alongside the lake. We walked the Upplandsleden trail to the small cottage, Lunsen, and collected a number of additional cashes on the way. In total we found 7 caches, walked 12 km through the woods,  had a nice picnic and a lovely day out. Some pictures below.

Second cache for the day, on the site south of Uppsala, where the old bridge between Uppsala and Stockholm crossed the Fyris river
Third cache for the day, just inside the forest
Crossing a marsh inside the forest
Another one logged
Huge anthill
Taking a break at Lunsen cottage along the Upplandsleden (dating from the 1800s)
Last cache of the day, a Madonna at a road crossing