Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What is Brunch?

When I say the word "brunch" many people around the world would agree that it is that lovely meal between breakfast and lunch, often associated with lazy weekends. This notion is confirmed by a quick google and even our 1966 Webster dictionary has the following definition:

brunch \noun [breakfast + lunch]: a meal served usually in the late morning : a late breakfast,  an early lunch, or a combination of the two


I am yet to find a restaurant in Uppsala (or Stockholm) that serve a meal between breakfast and lunch and call it brunch. This is not to say that you can't find a meal that is called brunch in Sweden only that after you had a "Swedish brunch" you feel very confused. The reason being that brunch in Sweden is served exclusively in the afternoon (most commonly from 12:00 - 15:00 on Sundays).

I am not saying a buffet with breakfast-like foods in the afternoon is a bad idea, just that it should not be called brunch. I have extensively discussed this with Swedes. But something you may not know about Swedish people, they are incredibly stubborn - especially about ideas and traditions surrounding food (don't even get me started on dill or what the word pie means). According to my Swedish friends brunch is defined by: "the inclusion of American styled pancakes". Again I have nothing against American styled pancakes but it is definitely NOT the defining characteristic of brunch!

I shall however continue to fight this ignorance by eating brunch at home at the appropriate time. Additionally, I shall frequent any establishment serving "brunch" in the afternoon, sample their idea of brunch and subsequently complain to Carina that the nomenclature is erroneous.



  1. nothing like a good brunch to start a lazy Sunday ... next topic pie vs. quiche ?!?! ;)

  2. I miss brunch! I would do anything for pancakes and sausages, but every time I get hopeful I am confronted by sliced meat on cardboard and fish paste :-(