Saturday, December 1, 2012

The last highlight in the low-light - Our anniversary dinner at Restaurant Lingon

The winter started officially this week with lots of snow and chilling temperatures. The white snow wiped away all the November grayness and announced the start of advent in wonderful style. The next blog (that will appear very soon) will be all about this fantastic start to winter. This blog however is about the last highlight we had in the low-light (no-snow) conditions of the past November. Last weekend was our 7th wedding anniversary and we celebrated it with a dinner at one of Uppsala's outstanding restaurants, "Lingon". The restaurant is named after one of Sweden most loved berries - the lingon berry - not that good to eat, but the jam has a omnipresence at all meals as a condiment. Below are photos of the six courses we enjoyed together at restaurant Lingon.

Carina's starter: Roe caviar, cream cheese and cheese pie. This was an absolutely delicious combination

Ronnie's starter: Scallop soup and toast.

The cocktail and red wine already making me feel very welcome

Ronnie- Also in a happy mood

Fillet of hare and warm salad (Notice the small red dots in the salad - that's Lingon berries). This was very delicious as well and the hare had a type of deep meaty - almost like liver - taste

Ronnie's main course: Belly of pork. Very porky :)

Ronnie's desert: Home-made almond ice-cream

Carina's desert: Cheese cake with dark chocolate crust and cloud berries. While lingon is the most common berries here in Sweden, cloud berries (Hjorton in Swedish) are the most coveted.

On our way back home - the Fyris river with the "river spirits" from the Uppsala light festival still floating above the surface.

Almost back home. Misty spookiness on the new bridge over the Fyris river just in front of our apartment block.

The dinner was lovely and a visit to Restaurant Lingon is highly recommended 


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