Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ship to Helsinki

This post is mostly a photoblog about our trip to Helsinki on the Tallink ferry. Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish) is the capital of Finland and lies just across the Baltic sea, more or less 400 km east of Stockholm. We took one of the regular overnight ferries that runs between Stockholm and Helsinki and spend a day touristing in Helsinki.

Boarding the ferry in Stockholm harbor

Inside the main hall of the ship

The cabin

On the deck in Stockholm harbor - leaving Stockholm

Next day - Arriving in Helsinki

Another ferry unloading trucks

Docking in Helsinki

Orientating ourselves at the harbor market

Visiting the Helsinki cathedral

Yup - the golden arches are everywhere

Finland is the home of Mumin (We had Mumin on SA television too)

Getting tired of posing for photos

Visiting a lot of churches

Our ship docked in Helsinki harbor (close to where we logged a geocache in Helsinki :)

Taking a well-deserved fika (coffee-break)

On our way back to the boat

Leaving Helsinki

Saying our final goodbyes through the cabin window (much warmer than the upper deck :)

Dinner at Bon Vivant restaurant (there are several restaurants on the ship)
I must add ... the dinner was excellent!

Back on the train to Uppsala (some late snow to surprise us!)

We had a wonderful trip and would definitely like to go on another boat trip in the future.


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