Sunday, February 13, 2011

More winter...

At the end of January the temperature increased a bit and much of the snow melted. However, the temperature continuously dipped just below 0°C and the world became very interesting.

When below 0°C, all the water (and there is a lot of water everywhere) freezes. But before it freeze, all the stones and gravel that were scattered everywhere by the city to help with grip when driving, cycling or walking, sink. The result is an extremely smooth surface which is excellent for ice skating (see video below). Unfortunately, while skating on the lake is fun, it is not so much fun on the sidewalks.

The alternative, when the temperature is above 0°C, is also an "experience". Most of the walking surface is not as slippery (and in this the danger lies since you are caught off guard by hidden ice patches). The whole world then transforms into a dirty snow, mud and gravel slush-puppy. If you are an unfortunate victim of the hidden ice lurking below the slush you are sure to be completely soaked. Additionally during these meltdowns, raising like zombies, all the frozen and forgotten "dog logs" reemerge to remind us not to blindly jump into snowdrifts.

BUT, during the last week the winter returned. The temperatures dropped and currently it is -13°C. We also had serious snow during the week and many people had transportation issues.
Note that there were no snow on our bicycles or where they stand (last weekend) and we cycled to the shops one week ago.

The city of Uppsala also started with an ice festival to celebrate the wonders of winter. Below are a few pictures of the ice-rink and ice sculptures in the city:

After spending more than 30 years in almost perpetual summer, we feel that the winter is not too long yet and will not mind if it remains cold for a couple of months.



  1. I thought that we were the only people that werent tired of all the winter snow! Glad to know we have some allies out there. haha! Enjoy it!

  2. More photos of the ice-festival at