Sunday, October 31, 2010

Officially Winter.

Today we moved to winter time. We are now one hour different from South Africa. To avoid the awkwardness associated with discussing how we differ, which is very difficult (e.g. are we ahead or behind or on top), we will give the time. It is currently 16:30 in Sweden and 17:30 in South Africa. The best part about moving the time is that we had one extra hour to sleep.  

Since it is 31 October it is also Halloween. We may therefore have more sugar in our system than recommended...

Happy Halloween.

p.s. for monsters, normal time means one more hour of sleep to invade:


  1. Would love to see a feature on how Halloween is celebrated in Sweden... I know it's kind of a big thing all over Europe, especially Scandinavia. But I guess it'll have to wait until next year?

  2. Halloween is not that big in Sweden (not the americanized version anyway) and it seems to be declining. Some young people have themed parties and only a few children go trick-or-treating. But many are not and at many houses there will be not candy or any decorations. However, on the first Saturday of November they celebrate alla helgons dag. This translates to all saints day and people visit graves of their relatives and leave candles in remembrance. This tradition is much older than Halloween but I think both stem from the same ancestor tradition.