Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spot the difference...

The beautiful colors of fall is here. I continuously hear that this is extremely lovely and people often become quite euphoric about how the whole world is changing. I have to agree that I think the change of the leaves are nice, especially the yellow ones. But I have the feeling that much of the change is lost on me. With the help of Photoshop and Carina we removed some of the red hue from two photos that we took in autumn. For me the two photos looks very much the same (save for the first photo having a slightly darker sky in the one image).

Since I don't really know how "extra red" would look like I don't feel that I miss anything. As a matter of fact I think I must be quite disturbing to have more vivid red in the world. It would probably look like a circus redecorated the place if I could suddenly see more red. I am therefore content without it. I must however protest about a recent suggestion by a student who said: " may be good to know if a child has some disabilities like colorblindness as it may be better not to allow it to live...". This is slightly "overkill" I think, and I am very happy to live with slightly less cone cells, thank you very much (in some circumstances it is even an advantage, see:

Enjoy the rest of the season. Looking forward to the black and white of winter.


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  1. hear hear old chap !! ek's baie bly daar is nie besluit om jou van kant te maak nie :)