Saturday, March 27, 2010

"I want to ride my bicycle..."

Spring is coming meaning that the snow cover is slowly disappearing. Currently all the roads, including the cycle pathways, are almost completely clear from snow and ice. We therefore bought bicycles and started this week to cycle into work. I spent less than 14 minutes on the road to work (but 19 minutes going home since we live in Malma Backe, which translates to "Malma hill"). Carina have an average travel time of 20 minutes.

Here we are before our weekly trip to the stores.

However, before anyone think of us as cyclists we should highlight the differences between people using bicycles in Sweden and South African cyclists: Here anyone can travel by bicycle and not only fitness fanatics. Also the dress code for cycling is more relaxed and although helmets are encouraged no one wears spandex inspired superhero clothes when mounting a bicycle. The big difference however is that cycling is a basic transport and not a sport, therefore bicycle users gives way to other road users. Being fair, all road users are more polite here.

(Just a note on the weather: the pictures were taken in a very nice +5°C)


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